Leading a Meeting


I have been the “leader” of our Facebook committee for about a year now. We don’t have very many meetings, because we’re usually all on the same page and wouldn’t have anything to talk about. But we have a couple events and contests going on in the summer, so I wanted to call a meeting so that we could figure out the details of these things before summer sneaks up on us. I have led meetings before, but it’s always just a little awkward at first. The good thing is that I see a lot of the people on the Facebook committee outside of work, so I’m comfortable with them. But there are a few people that have recently joined that I don’t really know. When I led a meeting as an assistant, before I got the actual librarian title, I always felt a little uncomfortable, because most of the people in the meeting were technically above me. Now there are a few, but not most of them, so that helps. Anyway, the meeting yesterday went pretty well, since I know what I’m talking about with Facebook. I’ve been on the committee since it started. But I’m not always so at ease leading a meeting.

I had to lead our Teen activities committee during only my second meeting with them. It was really awkward and weird. I really didn’t know what I was talking about for the most part, and there were a lot of long silences. It’s kind of funny now actually. I guess leading meetings is the kind of thing that you just get better at with time.

As of right now, I’m content with my job. But I do think that eventually I’d like to move up into a supervisory position. Well, sometimes I think that anyway. When I talk to friends that are supervisors, I’m not so sure. 🙂


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