Calling In

The Thursday before last my throat started hurting. Everyone at work has had a cold, so I thought maybe that’s what I was getting. I had to work that Saturday at a community event and a huge teen program we had going on at the library (235+ people). I couldn’t even make it through my 4 hours at work on Sunday.

I went to the doctor on Monday, and it turned out I had strep. By then I knew that’s what it was. I’ve had strep before and I remembered how BAD it hurt. Well after two days on the antibiotics, on Wednesday, and I had no improvement at all. My doctor told me that either I had a resistant strain or my body was just having a hard time fighting it. So… stronger antibiotics. I finally went back in to work on Friday, but I still felt pretty crappy. I think I’m finally up to 95% myself just today. Strep sucks!

But anyway, so through all that, I kept having to call/email my boss that I wasn’t coming in. My husband dropped off a note from the doctor for me and everything. The truth is my boss was really understanding and didn’t give me any grief about staying home for 4 days. This is a big deal for me because I have had supervisors who quiz me every time I call in sick, which I don’t do but once or twice a year (when I am actually sick). Growing up, we had no excuses to not go to school unless we were puking or bleeding basically. So that pretty much followed me into adulthood. And it’s really nice to have a boss that I feel like really trusts me.

I should be getting back to blogging now that I’m feeling better. I kept thinking I should be getting some posts done since all I was doing was laying on the couch while I was sick, but I just was not up for absolutely anything else. I hate strep.


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