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Review: Ashes

AshesTitle: Ashes
Series: Ashes Trilogy (#1)
Author: Ilsa J. Bick
Release Date: September 6, 2011
Pages: 465 pages

First Line: “‘Where are you?’ Aunt Hannah demanded as soon as Alex thumbed TALK.”

“An electromagnetic pulse flashes across the sky, destroying every electronic device, wiping out every computerized system, and killing billions.

Alex hiked into the woods to say good-bye to her dead parents and her personal demons. Now desperate to find out what happened after the pulse crushes her to the ground, Alex meets up with Tom—a young soldier—and Ellie, a girl whose grandfather was killed by the EMP.

For this improvised family and the others who are spared, it’s now a question of who can be trusted and who is no longer human.”

My thoughts: The first thing that struck me about this book is that Ms. Bick is definitely not afraid to go into all the gruesome gory details. I’m not necessarily a queasy person, but I did feel the descriptions to be surprisingly… strong. Part of that might be because I went into this book not really knowing anything about it or what it was about. I was expecting destruction, but I didn’t really know about the zombie-ish kids ahead of time. I found it really interesting at first, with certain age groups responding differently to what happened, but then I think I got kind of bored waiting for explanations, which never really came to my satisfaction. But I guess she had to leave some mystery for the rest of the trilogy. I liked Alex at first, but then I got kind of sick of her after a while. Tom was definitely my favorite character in the book. I think the fact that I read this one and 5th Wave so close to each other kind of hurt my opinion of this one. They started out pretty similarly, but I liked Cassie so much more. And I had a hard time suspending disbelief about the town that was already built and corrupt and crazy when she found them, although perhaps that will be explained later on in the series as well. But I honestly don’t know if I will continue with it. Maybe if I run out of other stuff to read.

My Ratings:
Writing: 2/5
Characters: 2/5
Subject: 2/5
Originality: 2/5
Kept me interested: 2/5
Overall rating: 2/5