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I think I mentioned before that one of the displays I’m responsible for is a huge bulletin board area in the teen zone at my library. I’ve been meaning to post my displays, but I’ve gotten a little behind on that. Anyway, for the month of March and a couple weeks into April, I had up brackets for the books in the School Library Journal’s Battle of the Kids Books. Here’s a picture after half of the first round:

IMG_4026[1]Basically, I had squares for each title, and I put the dates in the squares so they would know when that battle would be announced. I don’t think I got a picture of it, but I also had an acrylic box where they could vote for their favorite, and then that bottom center red square is where our library’s winner went. I was happy with the votes I got too. Surprisingly, most of them were books actually in the battle, and I got no slips of paper with just “F— You” on them. I was very happy about that.

Here’s a picture at the end of the battle:

IMG_4070[1]SLJ’s winner was No Crystal Stair. The teens at my library voted for The Fault in Our Stars, with Wonder coming in a close second.

It was a really fun display that I stole from a librarian I really look up to that I worked with in my last position. I will definitely do it again next year, and I’d suggest it for anyone that has the space. Letting them vote for their favorite also gives it a little extra spice.