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Chickens Storytime

I’ve been forgetting to blog my storytimes since the summer session started! But here is this week’s theme: Chickens. We are actually doing this theme with the Little Red Hen puppet show, so my other items only have to fill 20 minutes. Family storytime is my favorite! Here is what I chose:

After intros and host puppet, etc. we will be starting with Chickens to the Rescue by John Himmelman. I love this book, and the kids love to yell “CHICKENS TO THE RESCUE!!”


Then we have a flannel of Five Little Chicks:



Then we are going to read Is Everone Ready for Fun? by Jan Thomas. Jan Thomas is one of my ultimate favorites, especially for tandem reading in storytime.


Then we have another flannel, based on Hattie and the Fox:



Then we’re bringing in Hungry Hen by Richard Waring in case we have extra time. It’s silly!


There are a lot of good chicken books, but I haven’t done these in a while, so that’s what we’re doing! 🙂