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Minecraft Party


I had been planning this Minecraft Party for MONTHS. It was a “tween” program, meaning for kids going into grades 4 through 8. I didn’t think it was realistic for our library to set up a server so I decided to go with a “live action” Minecraft program, in which the kids would be able to build out of boxes, and then “creeper” would come destroy, then they’d keep building, etc. They made pickaxes out of popsicle sticks. I had a couple of other things I wanted them to do, but it was too crazy. Here are my notes from the program:

Minecraft Party 7/18/13

– Boxes – as many as possible (from TS)
– Electrical tape
– Brown/green/blue Construction Paper
– Scissors
– Popsicle Sticks
– Paper crafts (color printouts)
– Foil
– Prizes (homemade creeper heads and swords)
– Hot glue

Cost: $17.93

Set up:
– Stack boxes in the “mine”
– Crafting tables to make pickaxes
– Trees out of construction paper on the walls
– Photo booth backdrop and camera on tripod

Program outline:
– Gather kids in the room and explain the details
– Kids get one piece of construction paper off the wall trees to exchange for the materials to make a pickaxe.
– Line up at the crafting tables to get hot glue for the pickaxes – hot glue guns run by staff – wrap in foil.
– Head to the pile of boxes to “mine” – hit each box 5 times and then take it to build.
– Staff with creeper masks on go around destroying their buildings.
– Paper crafts throughout
– Photo booth throughout

Results: 135 kids showed up for the program. It was pretty chaotic. They did wait in line to make their pickaxes, but they had to work together with the boxes because there were so many kids. We ran out of the paper crafts, and there wasn’t any room for them to make them anyway. The photo booth got quickly overrun with more kids building, so we just got the camera out of the way and let them build there as well. A few kids took pictures after the program was over. We ended a little early because it was difficult to keep them from getting out of control. We did the drawings at the end and most of them took a few boxes home with them as well. We did hear mostly positive comments, but there should be a lot of changes if this program is repeated.

Comments for improvement: This should definitely be a registered program. There were simply too many kids in the room. There wasn’t much space to build, and there was no space for the kids to do the paper crafts. It might even be a good idea to put them in teams from the beginning and have them work in specified teams to build. Prizes could go to most unique buildings, etc. If there was more space, there could have been more tables set up for them to do the paper crafts as well. A lot of the kids did seem interested in those. They can be printed off at


So as you can see from my notes, it didn’t go EXACTLY as planned. But it was my first tween program that I planned myself, and at least it was a popular one! Anyway, my supervisor and manager were both present during the whole program, so I was afraid they were going to say something to me about how out of control it was, but I guess no one could really get it under control, so no one said anything. Anyway, certainly not the smoothest program I’ve done. :/ I did get kids here, and boys at that, which was my goal, but man, they were INTENSE. Not sure I’ll be doing that program again any time soon!


^^ That is my boss in the act of getting pickaxed in the head^^