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Wolves Storytime

Wolves is a hard theme to do for family storytime, because some of the younger kids might find some of the stories a little too scary. It’s important to keep a light tone! Anyway, here’s what we used tonight:



The Wolf’s Chicken Stew by Keiko Kasza is a classic!


Wolf’s Coming! by Koe Kulka is a little scary, but it has a fun, silly ending.

i am so strong*

I am So Strong by Mario Ramos is about a really cocky wolf, and another one with a little bit of a silly ending.


Let’s Play in the Forest While the Wolf is Not Around by Claudia Bueda is fun for¬†family storytime, because the kids can easily catch on to the song and sing with you. Plus it starts with the wolf putting on his underpants, so after that, they think everything is hilarious.





Five White and Fluffy Sheep


The Singing Chick
(I really like this one, but you have to be willing to be dramatic!)

IMG_4080 IMG_4081


Other good Wolf Books:

Look Out, He’s Behind You! by Tony Bradman
Big Wolf and Little Wolf by Sharon Phillips Denslow